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"I've finished the third week of the glycolic peel on my face and can already see a difference! The brown spots are fading and my skin looks so much better. Thanks Terasita!"†Dorla†D.

"I have sensitive skin. Kp. And the glycolic acid kit is wonderful for my skin!! I'm so glad I found terasita!! The prices are great & the products are amazing. I had some questions about products & they were very helpful, very friendly!! " Vera

†"I love love love the glycolic acid peel it works better than the stuff the esthetician used on me when I went to her for a while. I've used it once a week for 4 weeks now my skin isn't as oily, my breakouts are more controled and the acne scars are fading. My skin feels and looks so much bettter there is a little bit of peeling but if you use a mild scrub it is very managable. I can't say enough about this product acne is miserable specially at age 26 but this is my salvation!" Melissa R

"Glysa Clear Exfoliating Solution is a remarkable product because it really does eliminate blackheads! My skin hasn't been this clear in a long time." Kathy R.

"The Olive Oil Cleanser is my favorite for removing all makeup leaving skin soft and smooth" Jean D.

"Everything I have tried is so fabulous. I only wish I had been using these products for the last 20 years!!! My over 40 skin is better than it has ever been." Kelly H.

"This week I began putting the Lactic Acid Foot Peel on my boyfriend's neglected feet and after 2 uses his feet are baby soft." Kim W.

"Your products are absolutely the best I have ever tried. The quality & value are unsurpassed." Wendy R.

"I just wanted you to know I received my package today. I can't believe how fast I got it!! The Glysa-Clear is amazing - I'll be back. Thank you." Shelly

"My favorite product by far is the Olive Oil Cleanser. This is the FIRST cleanser that Iíve used in many years in which I did not experience tightness after drying. I use the Olive Oil Moisturizer as well as the cleanser. The olive oil products DO NOT cause me problems with clogged pores. On the contrary, my skin is clear, soft and non-oily." Gemma T.

"I love your products and have seen a real difference on my skin. The texture has improved and the acne are minimal. The 30% glycolic peel is perfect to leave on a couple of minutes! Thank you so much for your products." Arlene

"I am so pleased with my purchases from you over the past few months. My skin has improved greatly; even the deeper wrinkles. I had also been experiencing a bit of acne on my forehead, but between the Argiricol Peptide Complex Serum and the Retinage .3% Retinol Fluid, I have seen it clear away beautifully. I also use the Olive Oil Cleanser and Moisturizer. They, too, are wonderful products. Probably the best thing about my purchases is that the price is so reasonable. Thank you, and please keep up the good work." Jill

"I must say that I really ADORE your peels.I did use the 30 % glycolic acid peel for 3 years now. People say that my skin looks like the skin of a baby! I can only recommend this AMAZING product!" Camilla

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