I am worried that the 30% peel kit may be too strong for me.

You can easily customize the 30% peel by adding some of the Neutralizer that comes in the Peel Kit! But you have to be careful because a little Neutralizer goes a long way. It would be best to put about 1/2 tsp or so of peel serum in a little saucer or bowl and then add 2 to 3 drops of Neutralizer. Then try it on your face. If its still too strong, add more Neutralizer. If it is over-neutralized, add a few more drops of peel serum. In the alternative, we carry a 30% Glycolic Cream that you wear to bed. It refines and resurfaces your skin while you sleep, and there is no peeling, as it is completely buffered, unlike the peels.

I ran out of neutralizer for my Glycolic Acid Peel. Any suggestions on what I can use until I get my new bottle?

A mild soap solution will neutralize the acid. Something like Ivory with no fragrance works well. Many people also use baking soda. It will neutralize the acid, but I wouldn't put the soda directly on your skin because it destroys the acid mantle of your skin - instead, make a solution of baking soda and water and use the solution. The baking soda solution won't return the skin to normal Ph like our Neutralizer will, but it will work.

If I use the Argiracol under my eyes as well as Eye Glow, which do I apply first?

You will need to apply the Eye Glow first in order for it to work. It doesn't have the peptide Argireline in it, but it does have the Renovage peptide. Plus, the active ingredient in Eye Glow also fights lines and wrinkles. You will use the Argiracol first everywhere else right after cleansing.

So here's what I think you should use in addition to your weekly peel:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Glysa Clear Exfoliating Solution or Pads (avoid eye area)
  3. Eye Glow around the eyes and Argiracol on face and neck
  4. Day - follow the Argiracol with Degrease OAC Gel possibly Hydral Firm Cream on your neck for extra moisture.
  5. Night - Same routine, except follow the Argiracol with 30% Glycolic Cream.

If you prefer to use the Exfoliating Solution only once a day, use it in the morning. If you decide to add the Glysa Clear Scrub to your regimen, only use it once or twice a week.

Also, you can't use any of the glycolic products the day after your peel. The scrub can't be used for at least 48 hours after a peel. Remember to always use sunscreen when you are using glycolic acid products!

What is your experience with melasma? It's been a chronic problem since I first got pregnant more than 4 years ago. I use prescription Tri-Luma cream, but it is exceedingly expensive and I am concerned about chronic use of the hydroquinone. I was thinking that your glycolic acid peel would be best? What do you recommend?

I don't have much experience with melasma, but judging by the feeback I have received from customers, I would recommend one of the Glycolic Peels. I have a customer who ended up with a big brown spot on the side of her face during pregnancy. She later used the 50% peel on it and told me that after 6 months it was much lighter. I have another customer who has had great success with the 50% peel lightening her age spots. It is her mother whose pictures are on the peel detail pages. She had only been using the peels 3 months when those pictures were made, and her daughter tells me she has had fabulous results since then. However, my overall opinion is that melasma is best treated by a doctor. Like you, I would stay away from hydroquinone because it's evil. If it were me, I would try laser or light therapy. Expensive, yes, but if it gets results and helps your self esteem, then its worth it.

Hi, I'm a 26 yr old male living in South Florida. I seem to have dry skin from too much sun exposure from the past. Im just wondering what moisturizer you would suggest for me to use.

Since you live in such a humid climate, for summer I recommend our Hyaluronic Acid II. It is very lightweight which is good for humid climates, yet it is a great moisturizer. I think you will like it. Be sure to apply sunscreen after the serum soaks into your skin a little.

Will your glycolic peel help remove an old tatoo?

No, that will have to be lasered off.

I have been looking for products that would work with my skin as it is extremely oily and I have such large pores. Your Glysa Clear AHA skin cleanser works better than anything I have used before.

I recommend our Glysa Clear Exfoliating Skin Refiner to help regulate your oily skin and minize the look of large pores. If you also have a problem with acne, then I recommend that your follow the Glysa Clear Exfoliating Skin Refiner with our Degrease OAC. The Degrease will help regulate oily skin and clear acne. It contains a wonderful anti-acne ingredient from the Rain Forest that is completely botanical with no harsh chemicals.

What would you recommend that I use for adult acne? It seems no matter what I do, my pores are always clogged. I have combination skin.

For combination skin, I recommend that you start with our Glysa Clear AHA Face Wash, and then tone with our Glysa Clear Exfoliating Solution. This will exfoliate dead skin cells and help unclog your pores. Next, you should apply our Degrease OAC. The Degrease will help control excess oil in your oily zone, but will not strip your skin or make you flaky. It also contains a botanical ingredient for treating acne. This anti-acne ingredient works over time and will also help to unclog your pores. Your pores did not become clogged overnight, and they will not become unclogged overnight. If you use these products as instructed, I believe you will see an improvement in your acne by the end of one month, if not sooner.

I am 46 with extremely oily, reddish, acne scar skin ... my skin is so oily I cannot keep makeup on for more than a few hours.

Which of your products would you recommend?

It is so difficult to treat your skin type, but I think you are on the right track with the peels, although if you could afford dermatologic laser treatments, your scarring and redness would probably improve. I have a customer in Alaska with extremely oily, acne-prone skin (cystic) similar to yours. Her skin is so oily that she has been unable to wear makeup without it turning dark and oily within a couple of hours of application. She has had great success controlling her oil and acne with our Degrease OAC, and she is currently also using our new Glysa Clear Exfoliating Skin Refiner, which contains a brand new ingredient that regulates oil and minimizes pores. It also contains glycolic and salicylic acids to exfoliate and clear pores. If you want to try these two products, I suggest you continue using the weekly peels to help smooth your skin, and then after cleansing, wipe your skin with our Glysa Clear Exfoliating Skin Refiner, following with the Degrease OAC. However, you have to be patient with these products as they take time and regular use to see results. I believe my customer in Alaska began noticing a decrease in oil after three weeks.

I recently purchased the Olive Oil Cleanser, the Hydral Soft Cream and the Argiracol Serum. I would love to try additional products and was hoping you might offer some guidance on which products would benefit me the most. I am 37 with combo/dry skin ranging from oily to one day to dry and flakely the next! I am light skinned with freckles and some milia on my cheeks. I am fanatical about sunscreen due to history of basel cell and melanoma cancer. Which products should I try to bring balance to my skin. Thanks so much.

I think the products you are using are fine for your skin type. For your combination skin, I recommend our Degrease OAC which helps control oily skin. Since you are experiencing flakiness, it may be beneficial to lightly exfoliate periodically, and I recommend our Glysa Clear Exfoliating Solution. Because it contains glycolic acid, it should help with the flakiness and may help even out your combination skin. My only concern is your history of skin cancer, and I think it would be best for a dermatologist to advise you on whether you are able to use glycolic and salicylic products. Many people who have had skin cancer have very sensitive skin, and this product may be too strong for sensitive skin. If you are able to use glycolic and salicylic acid products, you would cleanse with the Olive Oil Cleanser, then wipe your skin with the Glysa Clear Exfoliating Solution at least once a day or every other day, follow with the Argiracol around your eyes, on your neck, and in your dry areas and allow it 10 minutes or so to fully penetrate, and then put the Degrease OAC in your oily areas (T-zone?). If you need extra moisture, use the Hydral Soft in those dry areas. Over time, the Renovage in the Argiracol will gradually increase the moisture content of your dry areas to the point you may not need the moisture cream anymore.

Finally, it takes time for cosmetics to give results, particularly the Argiracol and the Degrease OAC, so please be patient.