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Lactic Acid Foot Peel

Lactic Acid Foot Peel
1.25 oz. bottle

This kit contains a 1.25 oz. (40ml) bottle of Lactic Acid Foot Peel Serum, plus one high quality applicator brush and one double-action Siliglass pumice stone. Our lactic acid foot peel kit leaves your feet soft and free of unsightly rough skin.



Although lactic acid is derived from milk, it is considered an alpha hydroxy acid. Lactic acid is stronger than glycolic acid, yet since it is a component naturally found in skin, it is easier on the skin than glycolic acid. Lactic acid is a natural moisturizer, as it has a tendency to pull water molecules toward the surface of the skin. It is also an excellent exfoliator.

When we are young, dead skin cells are naturally sloughed off very often. As we get older, that sloughing Lactic Acid Foot Peeloff process slows down. This slow down causes a build-up of dead skin cells that can result in dull, lifeless looking skin or in the case of our feet, thickened dry skin that is very unsightly. Sometimes this thick dry skin can start to crack, leaving that person exposed to the risk of infection. When used according to the directions, our Lactic Acid Foot Peel kit will loosen that thickened dry skin and cause it to peel off, leaving soft healthy looking skin.

Here's some feedback that was left on the Customer Comment's section of this website by happy customer Ron Perkins on January 10, 2008:

"I wish I had taken a 'before' picture of my cracked and calloused heels. I cannot describe how bad they were. Sometimes the cracks were so deep that they would bleed and I had tried a lot of different products with out any success.

My girlfriend bought the Lactic Acid Foot Peel as a gift for my birthday. I guess she was trying to tell me somthing! Anyway, I painted on the peel every night before I went to bed. The thick skin began to soften after a few days. After 2 1/2 weeks I was able to buff off all of the dead skin. I plan to use the peel a few times a week to keep them smooth.

I cannot say enough about how well this peel works!"

Here's more feedback that was left by Louisa:

"I also just recently tried the Lactic Acid Foot Peel and I must say this lady underestimates herself. The results are fabulous!!!!!!!! You can tell they are manufactured with pride. Since I began using her products she does not cease to continue to improve not only her presentation but also her products. I highly recommend any of her products and the service..... Superb. She provides personalized service (hard to find these days) and her dedication and belief in her products is crystal clear. Just ask me... Email me .... I am real and you can ask me yourself."


The Siliglass pumice stone is a product of Spain. These pumice stones have a mixed cellular structure of open and closed pores, which allows for quick removal of hardened skin on feet and hands when using the colored side of the stone. The white side of the stone is for smoothing delicate areas such as ankles, elbows and knees. The Siliglass pumice stone prevents the proliferation of dead cells, and returns the skin to its natural state of softness. The stones are generally used damp and with soap, rubbing lightly over the affected area of skin. Afer use, it is recommended to rinse the stone and allow it to dry naturally.

Lactic Acid Foot Peel


When you are in between foot peels, you can help maintain the fresh new look of your feet by using Dry Skin Revitalizer every day after bathing.


Directions for Use


Water, lactic acid, hydroxyethylcellulose, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol